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GI MAPGI-MAP advanced genetic stool testing evaluates complete gut function of all things not only bad but beneficial as well.$639.00
Zonulin-Leaky GutZonulin stool testing reveals the presence of Leaky Gut Syndrome.$260.00
Food Sensitivity TestingState of the art food testing gives specific answers to diet concerns.$199.00$384.00
Adrenal Stress TestThis four-part saliva test demonstrates the true function and state of the stress-fighting adrenal glands.$194.00
Male Hormone, Female Hormone and Stress Hormone TestThis comprehensive four-part saliva panel gives a complete view of the hormones that can affect you the most.$365.00
Heavy Metal and Essential Nutrient TestThis hair test provides an accurate assessment of toxic metals as well crucial minerals.$260.00
Myco-Tox TestThe Myco-Tox urine test creates a clear picture of mold exposure severity.$449.00
OAT-Organic Acid TestThe OAT urine test paints a comprehensive picture of many body systems and their weaknesses.$449.00
GPL-TOX TestThe GPL-TOX urine test shows the real levels of non-metal environmental toxins.$349.00
Enviro-TOX PanelConsidered the ultimate test panel for assessing environmental toxin exposure. Contains 3 test panels including GPL-TOX, OAT and Glyphosate.$659.00
NeurobasicOur neurotransmitter urine test provides a map of your body's neurologic function.$369.00
NeuroAdrenalAssessing neurotransmitters and adrenal functions together using this urine/saliva panel gives a clear view of the brain/stress relationship.$429.00
DUTCH Complete Hormone TestThe ultimate sex/stress hormone analysis using urine and saliva for tough hormone issues.$579.00
Comprehensive Stool AnalysisThis traditional stool test provides detailed info regarding the true state of the gut.$415.00
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