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Break bad habits

Feel confident

Own control of your mood and sleep

Recharge during quality vacations

Feel better than normal

Know that you are living healthy

Create a healthy household

Be happy for life

Be the authentic you

Spread joy

Elevate romance

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Brandi Farkas, RN

If you are finding yourself stuck and want to take control of your health I am here to guide you. I am Brandi Farkas, a Registered Nurse and Holistic Health & Wellness Coach with over 25 years of experience. I work hand-in-hand with my husband Dr. Daniel Farkas, an award-winning Functional Medicine Doctor with a reputation for helping celebrities, pro athletes, ordinary supermen and extraordinary superwomen.

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Some clients come to me in well-enough shape and are just looking to reach the next level in health.
The reality is that most of my clients find me after they have been struggling with conditions for a long period of time. I often find them at the end of their ropes and living poorly. They are frequently on  unsustainable diets, toxic medications, ineffective supplements, random detoxes and worse. They have digestive issues, hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue, poor sleep and poor stress management. They feel burned out and completely overwhelmed by internet information.
Most of all, I find that they feel isolated, frustrated and confused.


Personalized coaching backed by science is my answer to helping my clients identify and focus on changing habits that have been holding them back from feeling their best. The breakthrough approach of Functional Medicine testing and all-natural treatment gives me the ability to help the most complex health concerns. Through a coordinated team effort, Dr. Farkas provides this often missing piece to my clients’ success stories.


I often refer to myself as an authority on what I call whole living.
I teach my clients awareness regarding what’s really going on inside the body so they can quickly make simple changes to create whole quality health. It’s important to learn how to connect the dots between the environment, food, stress and habits or behaviors and how they can directly impact the way we feel, sleep, digest food, balance hormones and win the war against stress. It is a joyful and sometimes tearful process which has the power to knock down barriers to true and sustainable change. Whole living results are routinely described as astonishing.


Coaching success programs will include components such as:

· Lifetime health history assessment (crucial!)

· Goal setting

· Precision Functional Medicine home testing

· Doctor Supervision

· Steady support via phone, video call and email

· Education to create long-term independence

If you are interested in 1:1 health coaching and want to schedule a complimentary consultation, just fill out our new client intake form and I will contact you to schedule.


Let’s go!