Concierge Health Services

Every great athlete has a great coach.

Now, the greatest concierge health and wellness coaching services are available no matter where you are thanks to our Virtual Healthcare capabilities.


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What are “Concierge Health Services”?

Concierge health services are an exciting new opportunity for clients in the health and wellness field. Concierge means that we do everything for you including direct communication, ordering test kits directly to your home, managing results in real time, coordinating with other providers, changing your health program on the fly, answering questions, sharing new information with you and dealing with surprises.

The greatest health success comes when the necessary work is completed by responsible managing healthcare professionals.

Ever wish your doctor talked to your other doctors and was available all the time and not just during face to face appointments? We feel we have fulfilled that common wish by creating a convenient service based upon the complete needs of our clients.

How It Works

Your path to success will begin with an in-depth virtual interview in order to ensure that we can meet your needs. There is no cost to you for this initial service.

Once we have determined that we can meet your needs, the doctor will collect any previous health records you may have if necessary and will likely suggest specialty lab testing to assess the things that prevent optimal health but, most importantly, to assess the things that get and keep you healthy.

All specialty lab testing is done in-home since we ship kits directly to you for your convenience.

Precision lab testing may include testing for:

Stress Hormones

Sex Hormones

Gut Function

Food Sensitivities

Toxicity including Heavy Metals

Neurotransmitter Levels (Serotonin, Dopamine, Melatonin)

Genetic Tests for Gene Defects Causing Disease


Learn even more about testing by clicking here

Lab results come back quickly. When all the info is collected, a customized plan designed to meet your goals will be created and communicated to you.

Your custom program will be carefully carried out conveniently and efficiently using the right free app for you. We will be sure to get you up to speed on how it works and the benefits it will provide. In addition to convenient app use, phone calls and video chats will occur in order to ensure that you get all of the attention your goals require.

The Advantage of Virtual Technology

In addition to phone calls, video calls and emails, we use specialty apps which are free to you in order to track progress on a daily basis. We provide real-time interaction so that all of your needs are met and all questions are answered. Close contact gives the greatest chance for success. The apps we use are simple and anyone who can send a simple text message can use them successfully. By tracking your food, mood, sleep, exercise, supplement use and more we are able to deliver healthcare management closer and more effective than ever.


Who Can We Help?

Adults and children alike can benefit.

If your desire is all-natural healthcare and longevity, we are pleased to meet your needs.

If you travel or are just busy and are in need of the convenience of having a wellness doctor at your fingertips, we are the right choice.

We love helping our already health-minded clients reach such goals as:

Less anxiety, less depression, less fatigue, less irritability, better sleep, more energy and more life enjoyment.

Some of our clients are fighting against ineffective traditional approaches to their condition. Some conditions we have provided the necessary close management for are:

ADD/ADHD, Adrenal Fatigue, Autism, Anxiety, Auto-Immune Disease, Depression, Digestive Disorders, Drug Dependency, Failed Surgery, Food Sensitivity, Genetic Illness, Hormone Malfunction, Medication Use, Metabolic Disorders, Sleep Trouble, Stress Overload, Thyroid Disease, Weight Loss and more.


Some of our clients require close management of their condition that they are just not receiving from their ordinary healthcare providers. We are glad to fill that crucial void.


Results will be measured using precision lab testing and re-testing as well as the real-time information you provide. Setting and hitting goals is critical. Goals will be met and re-set regularly.


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Country Music Star

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If you are looking for the best health coach available and live in the Detroit, Michigan area you are welcome to come and meet us in-person. Most of our clients are virtual and benefit from that convenience greatly. If you want the best Naturopathic health coach and wish to receive natural treatment, welcome home. Natural treatment can be found here in Troy, Michigan or you can experience this service from any location in the world thanks to virtual healthcare coaching and telehealth services.