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“Our purpose is to help people with cardiac problems get away from drugs and get closer to performing the way they did in their 20’s.”



You can now get help and access to experienced Natural Health Doctors Virtually from anywhere in the world.

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You want more out life.

You have seen or are seeing friends or family members struggling with cardiac issues.

You are concerned about your family history of cardio-vascular disease.

You don’t like taking drugs.

You want to regain the ability to perform like you did in your 20’s.

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  • Family or personal history of cardio-vascular trouble
  • Long-term cardio-vascular drug use and side-effects
  • BANKRUPTCY from medical bills. (The #1 reason for BANKRUPTCY in the U.S.)
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Heart Attack (The most common first symptom of heart attack is death).
  • Stroke
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of independence
  • Loss of being able to exercise and perform recreation
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Neuropathy
  • Headache
  • Neck/Arm pain
  • Doctors giving you drugs but not giving you solutions

[/unordered_list][/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”How is Cardio-vascular Rejuvenation accomplished?”]

Restoration and Rejuvenation of the entire cardio-vascular system can be accomplished using precision testing and a completely Natural approach that does not include drugs.

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Precision testing that determines WHY the cardio-vascular system has malfunctioned must be performed. Ordinary Medical testing and results only determine what drugs to put you on.

Our precision testing determines exactly what inflammatory factors and toxins CAUSED your problem and what must be done to bring the entire system back into its previous state of balance.

Did you know that cardio-vascular imbalances are actually normal responses to the presence of inflammatory and toxic conditions imposed on the body?
Ignoring the CAUSE of Cardio-vascular conditions and only treating the symptoms never addresses the underlying CAUSE and thus propels the disease process further.

REMEMBER, drugs only TREAT the symptoms of underlying problems. Drugs that TREAT and MAINTAIN the cause of Cholesterol imbalances, blood pressure irregularities, atrial fibrillation issues, dizziness, headache, chest pain, neuropathy, erectile dysfunction, arterial wall plaque known as Atherosclerosis and many other cardio-vascular drugs have severe consequences.

We refer to the traditional drug approach to treating cardio-vascular problems as “being on the Crazy Train.”

This “Crazy Train” can take you for a long, unpleasant ride in and out of doctors’ offices and hospitals.
Oftentimes, this approach leads to complications, side-effects, suffering and early death.
Do you know someone that has experienced this heartbreak that destroys families?

Get off the Crazy Train

Do it for You. Do it for them.

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Peace of mind for you and your family

Increased ability to perform like you did in your 20’s.

Freedom from drugs and their side-effects.

You can also expect to obtain for yourself the exact knowledge for your specific condition that you need in order to manage yourself for the rest of your life.

We call our clients “Health Participants” and our goal is to empower you to be independent.

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Our Doctors and nurses have experience using Natural approaches.

Your program will consist of:

  • Regular contact, monitoring and coaching directly from the Doctor and Nurse assigned to your case.
  • Initial testing and follow-up re-testing.
  • Customized nutritional and detoxification supplements.
  • A customized diet success plan that is simple. We don’t believe in “diets.” We simply recommend major “Do’s” and major “Don’ts.”
  • We encourage progressive exercise and will advise you on when to progress into more strenuous, beneficial activity. A majority of our exercise recommendations only require 12 minutes per day.

Your drug and medical treatment is the responsibility of your managing Medical Doctor and we will not interfere with those protocols. It is our goal to arrive at a point where you AND your Medical Doctor agree that you no longer require treatment of your symptoms using conventional Medicine.

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We are able to work with our Health participants around the world since we primarily work virtually. Live web conferences and live phone calls with our Doctors allow you to be free of the hassle of repeated in-office appointments.

Once we understand your individual problem, we will order precision testing and use those results to create a custom plan to help you regain your health.

It all starts with a Comprehensive Health Questionnaire that is like no other. This provides the direction for your personalized program.

We will obtain your recent health and diagnostic records once we have your permission.
After our Doctors review your data, we will arrange for your first conference with one of our Doctors at your convenience. If you are local to Troy, Michigan, you are welcome to visit us in our office.

Following your initial conference, testing will likely commence. Once all specialized tests are completed, the Doctor will begin making recommendations. All tests can be performed at a laboratory facility near you for your convenience.

We offer Concierge Service for busy Health Participants that will handle any ordering of tests and any necessary supplies/supplements so that you can just focus on getting well.

[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Investment”]

Putting time, effort and money into this process is an investment in your future. This investment can yield dividends that lead to a longer, fuller life.

REMEMBER, the #1 reason for BANKRUPTCY in the U.S. is due to crippling long-term Medical Care costs for chronic illnesses like cardio-vascular disease.

Major Medical Insurance plans and Health Savings Accounts can help with some of the cost of Cardiac Rejuvenation testing. Medical Insurance plans only ever pay for the Medical treatment of disease.

Every Health Participant is an individual with individual needs. Once your particular case is evaluated, we will assess what your Personal Health investment will be PRIOR to assessing you any fees.

[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Time”]

Each person’s problems are different. This is why traditional approaches don’t work for the “average” person because no one is truly “average.”
Your program may initially only be for a short period of weeks. Keep in mind that cardio-vascular problems take YEARS to develop. Long-standing problems can take extended periods of time for best results.
Be prepared to follow your customized recommendations for the rest of your long and Healthy life.
We will be with you in years to come to guide you towards ANY goal you set.


Ready to get started performing like your younger self?

We are ready for you.

Contact us right away to reclaim YOUR health and peace of
mind through Cardiac Rejuvenation.

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Click the video below to watch a success story on how someone just like yourself has used our coaching, functional medicine program along with our award-winning cardiac rejuvenation program and improve their lives while helping them feel young again.

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