Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Farkas specializes in Functional and Holistic Medicine. He believes in finding the underlying cause of disease and dysfunction rather than just treating symptoms. After 15 years as a Natural Doctor, he has seen that with specific dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medicine and quality nutritional supplements, that our bodies have an innate ability to heal.

Dr. Farkas says, “By identifying and removing what harms and adding what heals we are able to continually achieve better states of health.” His experience has taught him that treating the whole person is necessary to get optimal results.



Registered Nurse and Natural Healthcare Practitioner

Brandi Farkas is an RN and Natural Healthcare Practitioner. She has worked in natural health care for 20 years and has a huge passion for implementing natural ways to stay healthy that fit into each individual’s lifestyle.

Brandi worked as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Guidance Counselor before she decided to become an RN. After years of working with medicine, she found that in many cases, there was a natural alternative to prescriptions and that people using these alternatives were much happier.